Day one

This is my first blog post. Ever. Hello world. Is anybody out there? I hope you’re reading. If you’re not, that’s okay. I’m really just doing this for myself.

A little bit about me: I’m twenty-four years old, female, redhead, English teacher. I live in Taipei, Taiwan, but I was born and raised in South Africa. I hail from Cape Town. Or like we say in Afrikaans, Slaapstad. I’m using ‘Sofia Blake’ as a pseudonym for now. This is mostly because I’m a bit Internet shy and I don’t really like the idea of complete strangers getting a peek into my private life. (Not that it’s even remotely peek-worthy.) Perhaps this will change over time. We’ll see. It’s also partly because I want to keep this blog as a separate project, somewhere I can express myself freely outside of work and my immediate circle of acquaintances – assuming a different identity feels like a good way to do and say things with less inhibition. I don’t know. Maybe I’m typing utter bulls**t. Maybe I’m just a coward.

Anyway. Less philosophy and more action. William Blake is one of my favourite writers. He wrote,

“I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.”

My waking days are spent reasoning and comparing, thinking and analysing, teaching and criticising. Sometimes that part of my brain just gets so tired. I’ve never been an outdoorsy or athletic person, so exercise isn’t really something I do for pleasure. And coming home after a long day of work to a few hours of TV series or other people’s Facebook statuses just isn’t satisfying. I must create.

So, for the time being, I will be posting about my sewing projects. I’m an absolute novice, by the way. Perhaps later I’ll post some writing, photography, art, baking… whatever.

In the meantime, I hope you find what I have to express interesting or useful. Feel free to leave comments. Spam, verbal abuse or inappropriate content will not be tolerated. If you must repost or Pin my ideas, please link them back to me. I’m all for the sharing of information, as long as it’s referenced properly.

Above is a picture of me looking out over Sun Moon Lake (日月潭). If you happen to recognise me by this pose, good for you. If you don’t, even better for me.


7 thoughts on “Day one

  1. Well, welcome to Blogovia, Sofia Blake aka someone else! I’ve been blogging about a year, and find it a very good outlet. Looking forward to seeing your ideas and thoughts.

  2. Hi, I saw you over on Burdastyle – I’m VanessaJP over there. I teach EFL too, which is one of the reasons I don’t use my real name on here either. I love the online sewing community, really good atmosphere and makes sewing less solitary. I’m a big Blake fan too, my boyfriend was so obsessed he even changed his name!

    • Yes, I agree. I can spend so much time just looking at other people’s blogs and creations, I end up not making anything myself! Where do you teach, if you don’t mind me asking? And thanks for reading! 🙂

      • I don’t mind at all! I teach in London at one of the universities, academic skills, used to do lots of IELTS and GE at various places in the West End but I’ve settled into a more stable job now, still making up my mind if prefer it!

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